The Eye in Time

from by CXVIII



You breathe in your life
as I slip away,
will I bend.
I am your rebirth,
I am your decay,
will I break.

I crawl through the maze of existence,
consistently subjected
to the everlasting demand for structure.
I was not designed, nor did I create
I simply am, within the boundaries of Chaos

I'm bound at birth
until the day you die
serving as a counter
for a period where you pass by
shaped by man,
desired to be measurable.

The light breaches over the mountains
Look, it's a brand new day
It gives you a vast perception of time
As it cycles repeatedly
This is the way everything works
In the smallest of galaxies
But these thoughts are too shallow for my taste
In this universe I am a god
I am a god

You breathe in your life
As I slip away
Will I bend
I am your rebirth
I am your decay
Will I break

Encased into a unit
I become this human tool
But I belong
Far beyond humanity
I reach every inch of space
As I'm forever limitless.

I heal all wounds - I bring you death
In this continuum
Patience is mine - Yet I run out
But I will never forget
You count the days - I count the stars
I will never end
The eye in time - The eye in me
I am the entity of time.


from Monks of Eris, released February 18, 2017



all rights reserved


CXVIII Reykjavík, Iceland

Bandphoto by D.

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